“And Jesus said to them, ‘Come away by yourselves to a desolate place and rest a while.'” – Mark 6:31

I am more than a typical retreat speaker; I am a retreat creator and leader. My goal is to create interactive experiences for retreat participants, out of sound biblical teaching, to help us connect more deeply with God and with one another.

I work directly with the retreat leadership to craft a unique experience that is particular to each group or community’s needs and desires.

I incorporate lively teachings with inviting opportunities for individual prayer, reflective experiences and small group sharing to fully engage each participant’s heart, mind and soul with God and His Word.

Retreat topics I have offered include:

  • Holy and Beloved: Growing as God’s Chosen Ones (Colossians 3)
  • Seasons of the Heart (Ecclesiastes 3)
  • How We Grow in the Spirit: What Helps, What Hinders
  • Our Hidden Heart and our Spiritual Development
  • Play Without Ceasing

I am available for weekend, day or half-day retreats at reasonable rates. Please contact me for references.

Photo by Rachel Kunzen